What’s All This About Personalized Learning?

Like most industries, the field of education has evolved a language replete with buzzwords and acronyms: one-to-one. IEP. Project-based. ELD. STEM and STEAM.

As you keep up with the latest best practices and catchphrases, it may help to know that much of what we hear nowadays points back to a single, overarching philosophy of personalized learning.

The Four Key Elements of Personalized Learning

This week’s video examines four key elements of personalized learning:

  • Flexibility
  • A student-centered approach
  • Mastery
  • Effective Teaching

Understanding these concepts can help us see how smaller ideas, actions, and (yes) buzzwords fit within the overall framework of personalized learning.

Watch the Video

This week’s five-minute video helps make better sense of today’s buzzwords as they relate to personalized learning. Alternatively, you can download an MP3 or a transcript of the video to peruse at your leisure.

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