Delicious Poetry for the Classroom

In recognition of National Poetry Month, why not dedicate a poem to your classroom? Even if you teach a subject that doesn’t seem compatible with poetry, providing opportunities for students to read or write poems can cultivate high engagement and interest.

10 Ways to Use Poetry in Your Classroom

Consider these engaging ways to infuse your classroom with poetry this month and beyond:

  1. Activate prior knowledge
  2. Establish theme
  3. Explore language
  4. Focus on facts
  5. Set a scene
  6. Inspire writing
  7. See new perspectives
  8. Ignite curiosity
  9. Provide pleasure
  10. Capture character

Source: Reading Rockets

Teaching in Action

This video segment on Edivate, 1st Grade: Delicious Interactive Poetry Writing, features Ms. Stephanie Buquoi and her 1st grade class at Shiloh Point Elementary in Cumming, Georgia. Students explore the poetic forms of haiku and cinquain and identify words that appeal to the senses in order to create poems of their own.

The segment also comes with a downloadable study guide that includes additional resources and thought-questions for poetry and reading instruction.

These materials are part of a comprehensive series of videos and downloadable resources available only on Edivate

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