Making the Most of Professional Development Dollars
Podcast: Making the Most of Professional Development Dollars

A school district’s greatest monetary investment is in its people, with teachers and support staff receiving up to 80% of the budget. It would seem common sense to focus a good portion of any additional resources on nurturing and developing these educators. Unfortunately, when budgets are trimmed, professional development is often one of the first expenses to be cut.

According to Robert Avossa, Ed.D., this is one of the worst things a district can do. Dr. Avossa was superintendent of the 96,000-student Fulton County School System, Georgia’s fourth largest school district. Dr. Avossa came to Fulton in June 2011, and in this short time, his leadership has led to unprecedented growth in the district’s graduation rate and an increased focus on college and career readiness.

Dr. Avossa attributes the district’s success in part to a focus on professional development delivered through technology that makes it individualized, flexible, and trackable.

Listen as Dr. Avossa talks about professional development and the steps he’s taken to achieve success at Fulton in this podcast presented by Jackstreet and AASA.

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