Three Steps to Teaching Students Active Listening Skills

One of the most important things that students can learn isn’t typically taught in a textbook. Yet it’s a skill that will serve them not just throughout the school year, but for their entire lives.

That skill is listening.

The vital role of listening in learning isn’t just common sense. Even standards-based curricula stress its importance. So how do we go about teaching and promoting listening in the classroom?

Rebecca Alber at lists five strategies for encouraging students to listen. It’s definitely worth a read.

Three Steps for Actively Listening

Edivate offers an entire classroom series on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), which includes a unit on listening skills. In this week’s featured video, we watch educators at Beaumont Unified School District in Beaumont, California, teach their students three basic steps to active listening:

  • Look at the person talking.
  • Wait until he or she is done before they speak.
  • Respond with words or gestures that show they heard what the speaker said.

Watch the video (it’s under three minutes) to see how these teachers are implementing active listening in their classrooms. You can also download the study guide for additional insights and resources for using PBIS in your own classroom.

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