Edivate/PD 360 Testimonials

Cynthia Solis, LJISD Staff Development Coordinator
Joya Independent School District, TX

“Because students respond well to the human element in classrooms, teachers can make a real difference when they know how to build that connection. Without the human component and the right approach, student education will suffer, even with the best lesson plans and materials.
“When teachers are fed a variety of opportunities they become excited and motivated, which sparks student enthusiasm. My priority has been to make sure it is available when teachers need it because more opportunities mean more teacher progress and that means more student growth.”

“Teachers are busy and have no time to waste so Edivate must be fully functional at all times. My secretary or I can reach our Edivate team for assistance and our teachers can call for one-on-one help. The company completely supports us with a backup team so that our district maintains consistent usage.”

“We have been well served by our Edivate representative Ben Goodro and his team but we also recognize the importance of the people we don’t know—the front line and the back line—who keep it running properly to make it all happen. The people and the support have been incredible.”

“Each teacher is able to self-select the first program topic such as autism.” says Ms. Solis. “They are then given a space of time to watch it and complete the reflection questions.
“The second program is chosen by the principal from topics such as classroom management, and assigned to the whole campus to watch and respond to after the reflection questions. The two programs ensure that they know how to use Edivate without excuses.”

“We have had other resources that have come and gone but this definitely works for us and is here to stay. Our principals like the benefits and are delighted to know Edivate will continue in our program so they can feel free to put focus on it in their schools.”

“Edivate is a great resource and is working well for us. The information is excellent and when teachers implement it there is no way it won’t help. The reports verify that during the past year, our educators viewed almost 300,000 minutes of Edivate programs. They are putting in a lot of time, taking it to heart, and using what they learn.

“Edivate is motivating our teachers, improving their skills, and moving us in the right direction for our students to benefit.”

Dr. Silvia Martinez, WOCCISD Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
West Orange-Cove Consolidated Independent School District, TX

“When I was introduced to Edivate, I saw a versatility that would grow with our needs and I knew it would be a perfect addition to our program. I saw its power and how it would work hand-in-hand with our plan. We chose Edivate not only because it addressed our needs but equally important, offered a true partnership so that we would not be handed a product then left to our own devices.

“We knew our students were succeeding when we saw the proficiency scores rising. All of our schools are now meeting state standards and two campuses with distinction. We have made a turn in performance and we are currently achieving in all content areas and grade levels across all state standards. We have seen tremendous growth and Edivate has absolutely played a key part.

“We have a high teacher turn-over that can be up to 20 percent at a time prompting our search for a system designed for teacher induction and consistent training.”

“Many of our students lack diverse cultural exposure outside of school opportunities so those experiences are available only through school programs and field trips, which are limited. This ultimately results in difficulty understanding concepts in which they have no familiarity or external knowledge.”

“We launched it in layers over a three year process and built district involvement from the beginning. The first year, we exposed it to instructional leadership, principals, assistant principals, and the central office staff. In the second year, all of those people were allowed access, plus we added lead teachers, campus and instructional leaders, as well as new educators. For the third year, all instructors received Edivate access and had full district-wide application.

“We wanted and got the best customer service available with support of the crew behind the resource to keep us current and maintain momentum.”

“Usage was critical to me and I put the onus back on the company saying, ‘This is your product so help me make certain that we use it and have ways to track what is happening.’ That’s exactly what they did.

“When they offered additional services, I wanted all the help they suggested and that support has not gone away but has increased with sustained follow-up. The company also continues to expand its tools such as the Personalized Learning Boot Camp and Partner Success Managers.” (A PSM is a customer partner who personally assists school and district leadership to build impactful, continuous use of Edivate.)

“Drawing on Edivate encourages independent growth. During our November break we designated two flex days for educators to earn credits by going to a workshop or taking a college course or completing a course in Edivate. Many chose Edivate because they love the convenience of getting it done without having to register, pick up the tab, or travel. They can do it on their own schedule while addressing their own needs. Because staff involvement was important to me from the beginning, I’m delighted that our district has had such high usage. In 2015, our 300 users logged an amazing 51,000 minutes.

“With so much potential in Edivate, we had nothing to lose and everything to gain. You can’t beat that!”

“We wanted and got the best customer service available with support of the crew behind the resource to keep us current and maintain momentum.”

Randy H. Cline Superintendent, Frenchtown School District
President, Montana Association of School Superintendents

“Superintendents need to understand that Edivate is very different from other resources because it puts everything needed for professional learning in one convenient place. It’s a huge plus to have district focuses, school goals, improvement activities, and online discussions at everyone’s fingertips. With Edivate’s help, we are making positive changes within our district.”

“Our School Improvement Network support contact was great and very connected to us. He came up to Frenchtown whenever we needed him, answered our questions, and did whatever had to be done. With his guidance and involvement, our teachers gained confidence and their usage went up dramatically.”

“It’s all about the students and the number one requirement for their success is highly effective teachers. When teachers receive a well-rounded combination of professional development, student learning is affected and proficiency rises. Edivate is teacher-friendly, valuable, and brings focus to everything we do.”

Charles Baumgardner,Teacher Specialist in Social Studies
Hampton City Schools, Virginia

“Observe is a straightforward, efficient product and I am very happy to have it. Because it is extremely intuitive and easy to navigate, it streamlines the entire process. I can type in comments, offer suggestions, and quickly send it off to the teacher. The ability to create our own observation templates is a huge plus.”

Heather Peterson, Coordinator of Organization Effectiveness
Hampton City Schools, Virginia

“The School Improvement Network products and services have the potential to impact learning anywhere and anytime. Edivate provides a platform to drive reflection and meet the diverse needs of adult learners to impact student achievement. Observe is used a great deal by our high school administrators and curriculum leaders. I know that teachers and administrators appreciate the curriculum leaders utilizing this tool.”

“Hampton City Schools is using Edivate and Observe as important components of our professional development program and we are experiencing improvement. In pockets across our division, Edivate contributes to teacher learning. It is being used by our instructional coaches to support new teachers as they model lessons and refer new teachers to look at skill specific clips and answer reflection questions. It is also being utilized for compliance training across the division.”

Joan Davis,Professional Development Advisor & Former Coordinator of Professional Development
Hampton City Schools, Virginia

“I looked into a lot of professional development providers but I was not impressed with any until I learned about School Improvement Network. It is exactly what our district needed! Edivate is consistently valuable and Observe is the honey on the whole package!”

“The training and backup we have received from Nate Wray, Gregg Morrow, and Steve Olsen is incredible, plus Katie Clayton and Brittany Allison in customer support are always available to answer our questions. I really appreciate that the employees there are so knowledgeable, friendly, and share the company vision of student accomplishment and school improvement.”

“I’m always glad for opportunities to share my enthusiasm for Edivate and Observe. Partnering with School Improvement Network has been a wonderful experience because it supports our schools and teachers with quality resources, stays cutting edge with continuous product improvement, and maintains high quality service.”

Richard Schwarzman, Assistant to the Superintendent for K-12 Education
Elizabethtown Area School District, Pennsylvania

“School Improvement Network’s Edivate empowers educators with individual, online use and is a cost effective way to facilitate real time professional development that meets a great variety of our teachers’ needs instead of a one-size-fits-all program. Everybody is looking for a better bang for their buck and we found it!

We did background homework before making a clear, articulate plan to put Edivate into practice. Through a positive partnership with School Improvement Network, we built from the top down by first training the administrators to generate better teacher buy-in. To avoid confusion, we allocated enough time for full understanding before implementation.

It takes many creative staff members to design, implement, reflect, and enhance custom courses. We are fortunate to have a Director of Instructional Practice, Amanda Hann, to lead this charge, work alongside of me as well as our building administrators, and to guide the PGC.

We look forward to incorporating Observation 360 in the future and having all initiatives housed in one system. It will be a great benefit but we wanted teachers to be fully exposed to Edivate’s professional development advantage before beginning the natural sync between classroom supervision and related improvement for areas in need of growth.

Edivate changes a teacher’s mindset. Not tied to professional development delivered by administrators or at conferences, our teachers have the flexibility to choose the time, place, and subject for their individual growth.”

Amanda Hann, Director of Instructional Practices
Elizabethtown Area School District, Pennsylvania

“Edivate has provided us at Elizabethtown with the opportunity to enhance our professional development using a variety of its features. Relying heavily on the course option, our Professional Growth Committee has worked diligently to create meaningful learning modules that have been completed by our teachers at their own pace in a location that is most comfortable to them. We have had some of our most positive feedback across the board – kindergarten through grade twelve – with our most recent professional development. I credit some of this to the various facets Edivate has to offer.”

Jean Hinzman Title I Director
Marion County Schools, West Virginia

“Learning 360 Framework along with the Educator Effectiveness System components PD 360 and Common Core 360 have made a real difference in our district.

Learning 360 Framework really energized us and became a catalyst for more growth. Because teachers felt positive rather than overwhelmed, they truly enjoyed applying it in their classrooms. It opened up communication between teachers and even across grade levels by providing common language and structure. They were excited to question, share, and support each other.

Learning 360 Framework trainers Steve Olsen and Gregg Morrow quickly became our cheerleaders, encouraging without intimidation or judgment and adapting the program to individual needs.

Our schools were struggling before we introduced Learning 360 Framework and the good news is that it is working! An easy way to learn how to improve; it supports differentiated teaching plus fits well with Common Core, best practices, and school improvement. The instructional strategies are centered and balanced with a sustainable progress.”

Rick Stewart, Assistant Superintendent of Federal Programs
Artesia Public Schools, New Mexico

2008 – Over the past year, 100 percent of Artesia’s staff has engaged in PD 360, and we are much farther along in our professional development program than we ever would have been without it. PD 360 allows the district to set a unified focus for schools, while still providing each teacher with the differentiated support they need.

2014 – When I am asked about PD 360, Common Core 360, and Observation 360, I only say ‘Let me show you the data.’ The Educator Effectiveness System speaks for itself and the word is getting around

We are so enthusiastic about the worthwhile contributions EES has brought to our district with resources that grow and keep up with teacher needs. Our teacher development has gone from a paper and pencil disaster to a vibrant process.

Teachers don’t want ‘tell me’. They want ‘show me.’ The actual classroom examples in Common Core 360 programs are doing just that.

Recognizing that every teacher has different requirements, the Educator Effectiveness System has moved teacher autonomy to the forefront with self-reflection on requirements and growth choices that are added at a teacher’s own pace.

“The benefits of the Educator Effectiveness System are both valuable and cost efficient. The programs allow us to make incremental changes at a pace that works for us and we have seen definite growth in student achievement which we attribute to our use of PD 360, Common Core 360, and Observation 360.”

Mark Childs, Principal
Hagerstown Junior – Senior High School, Indiana

“Our teachers really enjoy PD 360 as a valuable source of solutions and best practices to support their responsibilities. It is a powerful aid for the ever-expanding demands placed on teachers and schools.

Observation 360 has been a great help for our teacher evaluations. It tightens up the whole observation process by immediately providing the teacher with relevant data and links to PD 360 programs.

Our teachers are using PD 360 for a variety of reasons such as assigned viewing, personal choice learning, and earning highly effective teacher points. They love to choose their own usage times, often in the evenings after home and family time.

The School Improvement Network employees provide us with ongoing support and the EES products enhance our teaching program. PD 360 adds meaningful 24/7 teacher development, Observation 360 fine-tunes our observations, and Common Core 360 is bringing us up to speed with state standards.”

The following responses from MACS paraprofessionals validate PD 360’s valuable influence.

“I watched programs showing that inclusion can have a positive impact on the child with special needs to learn academically and behaviorally from peers. In the inclusion classroom, students are given the opportunity to understand the needs of others and discover their own capacity to give.”

“After viewing programs on brain research and the impact on student learning, I am reflecting on how I can best implement the strategies for students with autism. I am looking closely at a few key points to focus on.”

“The programs have reinforced my awareness of the importance of being effective, frequent, and consistent with bullying behavior. I need to support correct language and behaviors in the hallways by being more vigilant.”

“A speaker in a PD 360 video I watched said, ‘It isn’t just about students knowing the answer. It’s about how students behave when they don’t know the answer.’ This made me think about problem solving strategies and how great learning also comes on the journey to finding answers. What I learned today will motivate students to be creative thinkers and problem solvers.”

“The programs offered views on teacher/paraprofessional roles. I will set goals to be supportive, proactive to teacher expectations, and to apply good communication skills.”

Mark Faroni, Principal
Dixon Elementary School, Montana

“PD 360 and Observation 360 are great products. PD 360 is always accessible, and our teachers are delighted to use it at their own leisure and convenience. Observation 360 easily supports classroom improvement and is a trigger for better communication between administrators and teachers.

We have had strong improvement in student discipline. This is an important step toward student achievement and is a result of including PD 360 in our teacher training.

Observation 360 is about time and convenience. The ability to have instant communication between teacher and administrator enhances and streamlines the evaluation process significantly.

Educators should identify their district goals, understand the product capabilities, and learn how it could work for them. If it all fits together, then just move forward because PD 360 and Observation 360 are worthwhile resources.”

Mary Beth Horn
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
Mexico Academy and Central School District, New York

“The New York State Department of Education has introduced new initiatives that necessitate more classroom observations, feedback responses, and aligned directions. Teamed together, Observation 360 and PD 360 are a great system for performing observations completely and meeting the required evaluation practices.

The Educator Effectiveness System is making a difference in our district. Observation 360 increases educator understanding of formal observations and PD 360 meets individual needs of our educators. When teachers are exposed to high-quality materials, students benefit.”

Barbara Ragin, Assistant Superintendent
Clarendon School District One, South Carolina

“Reflection is a critical part of effective learning. Responding to PD 360 reflection questions through the use of a journal encourages teachers to become more reflective learners and practitioners.”

“Campus administrators and teachers find that the online learning approach through PD 360 lends itself to individualization and customization of learning and professional growth.”

“When considering the more appropriate and cost-effective methods for addressing the diverse needs of certified personnel and campus administrators, I certainly would advocate for the purchase and use of PD 360. In fact, I strongly recommend it as the initial purchase or replacement of other approaches to systematic professional development. This is an investment that pays great dividends relative to enhanced content knowledge of teachers, improved classroom practices, and ultimately increased student success!”

Robert Petrulis, PhD, Principal Consultant/EPRE Consulting LLC
Columbia, South Carolina

“PD 360 is a central component in Clarendon One’s professional improvement program. Because it meets expectations and answers real issues, feedback from a recent teacher survey was very positive. It is individualized, convenient, and targeted. I suggest that other districts look into it.”

“Clarendon One teachers are required to document their professional growth, and PD 360’s convenience makes it a popular choice for doing so. It is also useful in their Goals-Based Evaluation Action Plan strategies.”

“All teachers like to see how strategies are put into practice, and the ability to view real classroom implementation is significant in teacher education.”

Lynette Eichers, Professional Development/Title I Specialist
Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, Granite School District, Utah

“PD 360 has a positive impact on teacher growth with the availability of a large library of quality programs and good materials. As they become more aware of teaching methods and learning styles, teachers are better equipped to shape student success.”

“Common Core 360 is a remarkable tool. Making it accessible to our teachers has made it much easier for them to understand and implement the new standards.”

“At Woodrow Wilson, we face many challenges and PD 360 is helping us tackle them. It is a valuable support to teachers of every level and ability.”

Robin Farnsworth, Third Grade Teacher
Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, Granite School District, Utah

“PD360 has taught me many strategies I can use in my classroom. It is a resource for solutions to my concerns and issues. It allows me to learn from more experienced teachers and also share my experiences with others.”

“Talking with other teachers about PD 360, I say it is worth the investment of your time to stay at the top of your teaching game. The strategies and skills you learn are tried and true. It will improve your teaching skills if you use it and reflect upon your own practices.”

“My top concern is classroom management. I love that I can learn tips and strategies from the PD 360 programs to help me better manage my class. I like that the classrooms are authentic and the strategies are practical and effectual.”

Pamela Johnson, Sixth Grade Teacher
Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, Granite School District, Utah

“PD 360 is a great way to focus on personal growth as an educator. At the same time, it is a valuable tool providing ideas that will enable you to better meet specific needs for your unique situation and for individual students.”

“The ELL segments have given me some great ideas to better utilize time and resources for my language learners.”

“I have always been concerned about challenging every student and providing appropriate learning for all student levels so I have enjoyed the PD 360 segments of multiple ways to differentiate instruction. Joining the interactive groups has given me a chance to create a “go to” network of educators from whom I glean ideas.”

“As a National Board Certified Teacher, I continuously look for ways to more effectively monitor, assess, and instruct students to maximize experiences. Learning more about specific areas has caused me to look closely at my students to determine where I require more knowledge to meet their needs. I have seen increased participation in personal learning plus a positive energy and sense of community in the classroom. Students are becoming more academically confident in their own ability to learn and master concepts.”

Lynda Hart, Principal
Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, Granite School District, Utah

“We use PD 360 at Woodrow Wilson to provide professional development for our teachers and staff. We all enjoy the versatility of individuals enabled to focus on areas of curriculum or practices that impact them or grade level groups enabled to choose segments to watch with group discussions following.”

“Most of our teachers have chosen to work on PD 360 as part of our district’s professional growth and evaluation process and have found it to be very beneficial and enjoyable.”

Dr. Kathy Hitt, Director of Professional Development/Pathfinder High School Principal
Jeffrey City Elementary School Principal
Fremont County School District #1, Wyoming

“Districts around the country are scrambling to roll out Common Core Standards and PD 360 is a huge support for managing the implementation. The examples of real classrooms are especially helpful and show what good instruction looks like.

For staff to find value in a professional development resource, the source must first be valued by district and school leaders. Our administrators are finding relevance in PD 360 and passing that on to our teachers.

PD 360 is a low-cost approach to providing a large variety of professional development resources such as outstanding experts, current topics, real classroom examples, LiveBooks, and webinars. It is an additional way to supply development that builds the best teachers for each classroom.”

Christine Smith, Manager of Professional Development
Red Clay Consolidated School District, Delaware

“There is a major research base that directly correlates effective teaching with high student achievement, so our district goal is to make sure we have the most highly effective teachers we can develop. PD 360 is a great learning tool where teachers can self select content to improve specific areas of their instruction.

It is a huge advantage that we can customize PD 360 to our requirements, and we look forward to creating custom courses. We have already taken some content and fleshed it out with PLCs or hybrid programs to create really powerful teacher development.

Student achievement will always be improved by teacher effectiveness, and PD 360 is an excellent way to differentiate effective learning for teachers.”

Suzanne Bonifay, EdD Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction 6-12
Decatur County Schools, Georgia

“Decatur County Schools, Georgia Many variables shape Decatur County student achievement and PD 360 is definitely a favorable factor. When teachers can improve their instructional effectiveness, there is a corresponding improvement in student learning.

Increasing teacher effectiveness is not about sending everyone to a conference or workshop. It’s about each individual getting what they need, whether it’s classroom management or instructional content/strategies, when they need it and getting it at their own levels.

PD 360 is a great means for individual and global progress within a district. It is accessible and immediate, featuring diverse tools that integrate well for those teaching academic content and electives, as well as for those in a leadership support role.”

John Thissen, Superintendent
Herington Unified School District #487, Kansas

“PD 360 materials are excellent, simple to use, and will benefit anyone in education. Our teacher performance is improving because with a resource they like, they are open to change and more motivated.

“Since teachers are often pressed for time, they love the flexibility of PD 360. It is simple to view the programs anytime and anywhere so that accruing their required certification hours becomes much easier.

“The real experts are a big selling point of PD 360. Teachers sit up and take notice when they hear information coming straight from the people whose names and work are well known to them.”

Chris Ostgaard, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Pinon Unified School District #487, Arizona

“In my years as an educator on the Navajo Nation Reservation, I have seen many changes. One of the most far-reaching of these has been the increased availability of technology. PD 360 has changed teacher effectiveness for remote districts like ours by giving us access to the most up-to-date teaching strategies.

Our teachers are so happy to have PD 360 meeting their individual needs in every area of professional learning. All the topics are there and are continuously available.

School Improvement Network customer service is great. They respond quickly, spending as much time with me and our teachers as is necessary to correct the problem. I really appreciate that.

Bringing in specialists for training workshops or sending teachers to conferences has become extremely expensive. Now teachers find what they need when they need it, directly from the experts. Based on our experience, PD 360 is cost-effective, differentiated instruction.”

Teresa DeGraffenreidt Joiner, Assistant Principal for Academics
Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School, Washington, DC

“Teachers love learning and PD 360 makes it easy for them to explore current topics and trends. I have a teacher who is so excited with it that she travels from one subject to another; happy to find so much information on her own.

The best training is when teachers learn from one another and I like that PD 360 encourages collaboration. My goal is teacher unity through inclusive professional development that supports learning and working together.

School Improvement Network customer service is great. They respond quickly, spending as much time with me and our teachers as is necessary to correct the problem. I really appreciate that.

I love what I’m doing! It’s all about the kids and knowing that they will achieve if given the right tools by teachers who have the right tools. It’s about helping teachers build their capacity to support our students. I would recommend PD 360 to anyone needing a resource for training teachers to recognize and understand student needs. Success will follow.”

Todd Howard, Principal
Silver Hills Elementary School
Wallace School District, Idaho

“PD 360 has added a new level to our professional development. It is an individualized resource that fits all educator needs with multiple topics and a wide range of information. Students will always benefit when teachers have knowledge and information.

“The customer service has been exceptional. From the training to the technical help for our streaming problems, PD 360 has been there for us.

The tracking features of PD 360 allow me to see which teachers are seriously working toward improvement and what programs they are using.

As a tool for teacher development, PD 360 is a very giving, easy-to-use avenue. I appreciate the client-friendly layout that breaks down programs into small chunks with the aim of watching them during limited amounts of time.”

Judith Evans, Ed.D., Superintendent
Medway Public Schools, Massachusetts

“PD 360 has everything in one place, with a flexibility and availability that empowers teachers to explore. The equitable access and tracking tools are cost-effective professional development.

I am very pleased with PD 360 and its resources. Observation 360 is a great advantage for painless walkthroughs. Common Core 360 programs are preparing us as we move toward Common Core State Standards. And the tracking tools provide a record of teacher usage. It is a superior package of professional development.

This is targeted teacher PD and I would like to see it used as a flexible, always-available source of professional learning for our teachers, administrators, and support staff. I look forward to teachers taking advantage of the collaborative viewing option to support discussion of central topics and sharing of best practices.”

Nicola Vrabel, Mathematics Teacher
Monroe City Schools, Louisiana

“The biggest advantage of PD 360 is its availability. It puts professional development at my fingertips, which is an ideal answer for busy teachers. I can use it anytime and anywhere—even at home—without missing classes to attend conferences and workshops.

I love the interactive learning communities on PD 360. It is refreshing and supportive to find other teachers who are like me with similar interests and concerns. I am now exchanging great ideas with colleagues all over the country.

I am a better teacher because of PD 360. The high-quality instructional strategies programs have made me more conscious of my teaching techniques and the differentiated instruction programs have made me more aware of my students’ learning differences. And because PD 360 continues to add new content, I stay current on the newest ideas and strategies.”

Emily Walker, PhD, Program Co-Chair/Professor
Master of Education in Teacher as Instructional Leader Program, South College, Tennessee

“PD 360 is a tremendous source for teacher improvement. The comprehensive, updated content encourages thinking, generates deeper, more open discussions, and influences teachers to respond positively to situations. It is a perfect professional development venue.

Glenn Singleton’s “Courageous Conversations about Race” book was excellent and extremely thought-provoking in a diversity class I taught last term. It encouraged a good deal of discussion.

The real experts featured in PD 360 programs are a huge asset. The students already know the names and are aware of their work which creates interest and inquiry into what they have to say. You can do nothing better for students than to provide them with the best authorities and information.

As actual practicing teachers, my students are finding new ways of thinking and are experiencing many ‘aha’ moments as they watch PD 360. It supplements and enhances what they already know.

I have used various videos in graduate classes to introduce, refine, and redefine topics for the students. My graduate students love it because it gives them professional development in addition to graduate work during their class time. It is like they are getting a ‘two for one’ deal.”

I am the number one cheerleader for PD 360 at South College. This phenomenal tool is the best professional development out there, much better than conferences! It is a well of information and I am repeatedly impressed!”

Holly Stec, Masters Candidate
South College, Tennessee

“PD 360 is a really great resource for professional development with a wide array of topics to support educator improvement. I have enjoyed using it and would advise others to look into it also!”

Nicola Vrabel, Mathematics Teacher
Monroe City Schools, Louisiana

“I think the biggest advantage of PD 360 is its availability. It puts professional development at my fingertips, which is an ideal answer for busy teachers. I can use it anytime and anywhere – even at home – without missing classes to attend conferences and workshops.

I love the interactive learning communities on PD 360. It is refreshing and supportive to find other teachers who are like me with similar interests and concerns. I like exchanging great ideas with colleagues all over the country.

I am a better teacher because of PD 360. The high-quality instructional strategies programs have made me more conscious of my teaching techniques and the differentiated instruction programs have made me more aware of my students’ learning differences. And because PD 360 continues to add new content, I stay current with the newest ideas and strategies.”

Laura Link, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development
Shelby County Schools, Tennessee

“PD 360 enhances any professional learning program. It offers differentiated PD that is tailored to the individual needs of teachers with 24/7 accessibility, active tools, and a large library of content. It is a comprehensive resource for all the current issues in education and teachers are able to find help on any subject. The ability to watch programs in small chunks whenever they want, is a good fit for busy schedules.”

Melissa McConnell, Professional Development Specialist
Shelby County Schools, Tennessee

“Because this is a cohort group who only meets a handful of times throughout the year, we use PD 360 as a complement to our face-to-face meetings. We have focused on the topic of effective professional development, so I have assigned the Leadership and Learning videos with Doug Reeves.”

Lisa M Higgins, Instructional Technology Supervisor
Shelby County Schools, Tennessee

“I wanted to take a moment to share my accolades for two members of your School Improvement team that I have had the pleasure to work with on a custom class for our district.

Katie Clayton has been extremely helpful in every instance. If she was unsure about a specific item, she committed to finding an answer and then followed up. She was (and continues to be) friendly and personable on the phone, with a strong focus on helping the client. She was prompt with follow up to emails and phone inquiries, and did not hesitate to include others with technical expertise when needed. Katie projects professionalism and I would love to work with her on other projects.

Steve Burton went beyond guiding and assisting me to converting our videos into the necessary format for upload to the PD 360 site. He was willing to guide me in a new and unfamiliar program to set up correct parameters for video conversions. His directions for uploading were clear, concise, and easy to follow. He was motivated to help me do what was needed to get the class posted.

Both Katie and Steve had such upbeat and positive attitudes. I knew that with them ‘on my team,’ the custom class I needed to set up would happen and be one of quality as well. Based on my interactions with them, I will highly recommend our district’s continued use and also suggest you to other school districts as well.”

Melissa McConnell, Professional Development Specialist
Shelby County Schools, Tennessee

“As a district, we have established a focus for our PD, a significant coaching support for teachers, and we center significant energies on building capacity through professional learning communities. PD 360 has been a wonderful complement to these efforts and provides both district- and building-level administrators with an easy way to build a common language among our faculty and support teachers in specific areas when needed.”

Brent Bacon, Ed.S. Director of Special Services
Laramie County School District #2, Wyoming

“Budget cuts have made it impossible to send all teachers to conferences or to bring in well-known experts for training. For us, PD 360 is very cost-effective as it provides professional development with the most current topics and the best authorities in education.

As a small, spread out district, it can be difficult to get all teachers together so we really benefit from PD 360’s accessible online training. It is easy to use, always available, and encourages teachers to take charge of their own development.

What would I say to other districts about PD 360? Get it! It’s worth it! The benefits are huge!”

Larry Davis, Principal Emery High School
Emery County School District, Utah

“I encourage administrators to go to the PD 360 website, get a free trial, and check it out. It has been valuable for our school and we are getting a lot out of this all-inclusive program. I believe it is really the best bang for the buck!”

Kirk Sitterud, Superintendent
Emery County School District, Utah

“PD 360 content is research based and classroom proven. The programs cover every area of professional development and, with real classroom examples, show how to implement best practices.

I already trusted the high-quality programs and liked that they were now available online to teachers for independent study. I felt very confident making the decision to add PD 360 to our teacher development.

Budget cuts have made it difficult to send a teacher to conferences but PD 360 has reduced that expenditure with cost-effective, online availability. It is there to train teachers in relevant areas with the real experts in education.

If student success is going to be affected, it goes back to what happens in the classroom. Providing outstanding teacher development improves instruction and increases student achievement.”

Dr. Michelle Kutch
Curriculum Program Director/Race to the Top Coordinator
Brandywine School District, Delaware

“Because of budget cuts, we are unable to sponsor as many professional development days and our time to pull groups together is limited. We have had to be creative and offer other venues for teachers to manage their own growth. I foresee more funding cuts and we must be ready. In the last two years, we have increased implementation of PD 360 in order to equip teachers with the tools they need now and in the future.

PD 360 is cost-effective for Brandywine. Our teachers hear the well-known experts in education give the same presentations online as in expensive conferences. It provides us with the best resources in ongoing teacher training.

PD 360 is user-friendly and convenient, giving educators flexibility to view pertinent programs and training webinars. It is responsive to the topical areas in education and can be used on any level with groups or individual application.”

Tristan Gill, Florida Parishes Juvenile Detention Center
Tangipahoa Parish, LA

“I have nothing but good things to say about PD 360. I would recommend it to anyone in the education field.”

Rita Bongarten, Frank P. Graham Elementary
Chapel Hill-Carrboro Schools, NC

“I really love PD 360 and have used it for individual PD as well as whole-staff PD. Excellent resource. Currently, we are studying ‘Strategies That Work’ by Marzano. Teachers are reading the book as well as using PD 360 as a resource.”

Andrea Rodrigue, Central Office
Terrebonne Parish School Board, LA

“I would definitely purchase PD 360. I work with a pilot program in my school district. Our district does not allow blogging or wiki sites. The teachers in this program, who are spread through 7 different schools, use the group pages to communicate ideas, concerns, and follow up information after trainings among other communication needs.

I use the videos to provide job-embedded professional development. If a teacher and I agree on an area that needs improvement, I will find a related video or community discussion to use for information. The community discussions are especially helpful when we need information, new ideas, or experiences with programs from educators around the country.

I have also been involved with the support personnel at School Improvement Network. They did not stop working on my problem until we had found a solution. They were great!

This has probably made the most impact on teachers through collaborative use. They hear me say something about a research-based strategy or program, they see it here on PD 360, or we ask about it and get feedback from the community.

PD 360 is an amazing idea for educators.”

Scott Davis, Assistant Superintendant
Lamesa Independent School District, TX

“It meets our need to individualize staff development at a department level, vertical team level, school level, or individual teacher level. Because PD 360 is hosted on our server, teachers can access it from school or home, making PD 360 the most flexible and pervasive method of professional development delivery available.”

Sonya Unseld, Principal
Lincoln Elementary School, KY

“PD 360 creates a personal venue of learning for staff at Lincoln Elementary Performing Arts School.”

Mary Connery, Director of Staff Development
Fairport Central SD, NY

“Three things concerning PD 360 make me very optimistic regarding our professional development. It is user friendly, accessible, and a great quality product. There are tools to fit the different needs of our instructional teams and individual teachers.”

Monty Wilson, Supervisor of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction
Wilson County Schools, TN

“Many of our teachers are saying that this is the best professional development they have ever experienced. In just six months, we have had great teacher buy-in with 70% usage and with approximately 128,000 minutes viewed. Our goal is to attain 100% usage within the first month of the next school year.”

Dr. Nella B. Anderson, Director of the Teacher Education Program
Western State College of Colorado

“The content has made a huge difference in our distance teaching program. We now have a way to model best practices to our students no matter their location.”

Bobby Cockerham, Director of Title I
West Carroll, LA

“The Learning 360 Framework is a great program and the best money we have ever spent on professional development. I liked the comprehensive approach and, in particular, Steve Olsen’s dynamic presentations.”

Pat MacNeil, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent
Greene County Schools, NC

“When I saw PD 360, I knew it would be a great resource for us in always having on-demand experts available to use with professional development sessions.”

Karen Hawkins, Director of Professional Development
Williamson County Schools, TN

“PD 360 puts every resource into the hands of every teacher.”

Dr. Tracee Grigsby, PD Coordinator
Alief ISD, TX

“The programs are a good match with our district initiatives. We have used Classroom Instruction That Works extensively as well as Quality Questioning. We also do a lot of work with the Center for Leadership and Learning and PD 360 just added the Leadership and Learning program to their lineup so, again, that has been a good match with our current initiatives.”

Karen Hawkins, Professional Development Coordinator
Williamson County Schools, TN

“By making usage so easily available, PD 360 recognizes that not all learning takes place in a classroom. Because they are capable of using it anytime and anywhere, teachers feel it is respectful of them and their needs.”

Susan Quinlan, Principal
Foster Traditional Academy, KY

“PD 360 has opened up many possibilities for teacher growth and has helped us as a professional community with initiating the necessary conversations regarding instructional best practices.”

Steven Stark, Reading First Coach
Johnsontown Road Elementary, KY

“PD 360 gives teachers a way to incorporate meaningful reflective practices based on their own classroom environments and cultures while providing a visual of a teacher modeling the professional development topic.”

David Bodine, Principal
Wilder Elementary School, KY

“PD 360 has allowed me to individualize PD for each member of my staff in order to meet their individual growth plans.”

Ronda Cosby, Principal
Chancey Elementary School, KY

“I can recommend many concepts to teachers, but hearing other teachers and seeing real classroom examples gives them an “ah-ha” moment. They become much more aware when it is not just my suggestion.”

Patricia Hughes, Director of Staff Development
Mobile County Public School System, AL

“We anticipate that MCPSS educators will increasingly look to PD 360 to address their job-embedded professional development needs and to support their improvement efforts through networking with other learners on PD 360 online community forums.”

Karen Sanders, Retired Executive Director of Professional Development
Burleson ISD, TX

“I had one teacher tell me that she had learned more in a seventeen minute PD 360 video segment than she had learned in two years of talking about and studying the same subject.”

Rick Stewart, Director of Federal Programs
Artesia Public Schools, NM

“We do not send staff members to conferences and seminars unless they have exhausted the resources in PD 360. Not only has the reduction in travel costs saved us money, but we have actually gained instructional time. The less teachers have to leave the classroom, the better for the students.”

Gail Donahue, Staff Developer
Our Lady of Good Counsel HS, MD

“Teachers would go in, watch the three required assessment videos, and start hunting around—pretty soon they got hooked and watched a lot more!”

Kerryn Bowden, Sr. PD Coordinator
Polk County Public Schools, FL

“We purchased PD 360 because it is user friendly, has access 24 hours a day/7 days a week, and helps both teachers and administrators with their professional development. The staff enthusiasm for the rich content that PD 360 offers and the presentations by experts in his/her field has been enormous.”

Linda Thompson, Assistant Director of Staff Development
Henrico County Public Schools, VA

“In the beginning of our implementation, we provided a two-hour initial training for our staff development representatives, administrators, and content specialists on usage strategies and the admin tools. Now school-based individuals will help identify video segments and populate focus objective folders specific to whole faculty or study group needs.”