In the circles of education, it is widely accepted that an achievement gap exists between Brown, Black, Asian, and White students. This racial achievement gap is often evidenced in the performance gap between students of color.

Teachers can help close this achievement gap by using practical equity walkthroughs. In these walkthroughs, teachers (usually members of a practical equity walkthrough team) have the opportunity to observe learning inside each other’s classrooms.

Unlike traditional walkthroughs where the focus is on what the teacher is doing, the practical equity walkthrough team focuses specifically on how the students are learning. The practical equity walkthrough cycle involves four steps:

  1. The teacher meets with the team and asks them to observe his/her focus students.
  2. The team visits the classroom to observe the focus students.
  3. The team gathers to share what they observed.
  4. The team returns to the classroom to see if their feedback worked.

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