A Series of Three Kindergarten Common Core Standards Lesson Plans, Teaching Kids Rhyme and the Difference Between Prose and Poetry

By Cameron Pipkin

For my readers who teach kindergarten, here’s a fun little lesson plan that comes to us via the Dawson Education Co-Op (click here to download it). It was written by Tyger Sims, Kimberly Johnston, Angela Weaver, and Kara Jones at the ArchFord Co-op.

This kindergarten Common Core Standards lesson plan is more than just a lesson, actually. In its entirety, it’s a short unit that contains three or four days’ worth of material to help kids learn rhyme and the difference between a poem and a story.

All you need to teach this lesson are a few books and poems. The following are suggested:

Of course, this kindergarten Common Core Standards lesson plan is open to interpretation, and could be constructed using an endless variety of texts. You could build the lesson around a food theme, a game theme—anything will do as long as you find the corresponding literature to support it. I really like Miss Mary Mack and Other Children’s Street Rhymes. It could easily integrate into this type of lesson.

Common Core Lesson Plans

And like all of the lesson plans that we offer on the Common Core Blog, this particular series is aligned to specific Common Core Standards:

  • Reading: Foundational Skills: Kindergarten – RF.K.2(a) Recognize and produce rhyming words
  • Reading: Literature: Kindergarten – RL.K.5 Recognize common types of text (e.g. storybooks and poems)

I’m excited to hear how this kindergarten Common Core Standards lesson plan works in your class. Please comment below and let me know what you think. I’d love to set up a post or two describing your experiences with this material in the classroom.

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